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Optical closure МТОК-L6

Optical closure МТОК-L6


Dome closure MTOK-L6 is designed for the installation of self-supporting cable and urban cables of any design. An oval input allowed to accommodate a loop of optical loose tubes without cutting. The loop is laid out in the tray on the opposite side of the splice trays.

Mechanical method of sealing. Sealing is made of an elastic O-ring and reinforced plastic self-tightening clamp. The clamp lock design allows to transform the latch is into a lever while opening for easily removing the clamp from the clutch.

Cable inputs are sealed with a heat shrinkable tube. Round ports on a splice closure are sealed and have a stepped configuration with different diameters. Slitting a port sleeve in a certain place, allows to choose an input suitable to the diameter of connected cable. In this way, excessive tension on the heat shrinkable tube after shrinkage is eliminated when connecting comparatively thinner cables. All ports of the splice closure are also equipped with individual units for central strength member anchoring 

Technical characteristics


Max. number of splices


Number of entered FOC:

- round-shaped stepped, mm

- round-shaped stepped, mm

- oval-shaped up to 25 mm


до 20

до 16


Max. number of trays


Sealing method of case


Sealing method of entered FOC

Heat shrinkable tube

Operating temperature, ºС

- 60…+70

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