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Optical Distribution Box (РС-ОРК)

Optical Distribution Box (РС-ОРК)


The optical distribution box is designed to connect up to 16 subscribers to the fibers of the interfloor optical cable of home FTTH networks using optical patch-cords.

 It has a metal case, which is completely covered with a metal lid with 1 lock. This housing design provides increased security against burglary and unauthorized access. Inside the body there is a removable swivel panel, on the inside of which a stock of fibers is laid out and lodgments for sleeves (Weld joint protection kit) are placed, and on the outside there are slots for installing optical adapters. Detachable hinged mounting panel provides easy installation and operation.

Boxes are installed on floor sites and are used to connect FTTH network subscribers of one or adjacent floors using optical patch-cords that can be stacked in boxes and corrugated pipes.



Type of material


Maximum of SC/APC ports



Body with lid

1 pc.

Socket (adapter)

16 pc. subscriber side

2 pc. splitter side


2 pc. splitter side

Sleeve (Weld joint protection kit) 

2 pc.

Download characterisrics of Optical Distribution Box (РС-ОРК) in PDF