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Subscriber patch-cord -S7/2.0 mm-SC/APC-SC/APC-Х m SSD HS

Subscriber patch-cord -S7/2.0 mm-SC/APC-SC/APC-Х m SSD HS


Designed for using in FTTH networks where small radius bends are involved. The cables use single-mode fiber of the G.657A standard, which allows multiple bends with a radius of 15 mm.

Optical connecting cord (patch cord) of the SHOS-SM / S7 brand is a non-flammable single-fiber LSZH cable with an outer diameter of 2.0 mm, terminated with connectors. To increase the mechanical characteristics, reinforcing aramid threads are provided in the cable structure under the sheath.

Technical characteristics

Optical fiber type Single-mode Corning Ultra, G.657А1
Optical connector type SC/APC
Amount of typical insertion attenuation, dB 0,15
Max. Insertion attenuation, dB 0,3
Back reflection, dB not more than -65
Operating temperature, ° С -10...+65

Complete set

Patch-cord-S7, pc 1

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