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Station patch-cord SM/2.0 mm-SC/APC-SC/APC-Хm

Station patch-cord SM/2.0 mm-SC/APC-SC/APC-Хm


Designed for switching between active equipment, optical distribution frames and for connecting optical ports in fiber-optic cable systems (FOCS).

The single-fiber cable has an outer diameter of 2.0 mm or 3.0 mm and is made of flame-retardant polymer. To increase the mechanical characteristics, reinforcing aramid threads are provided in the cable structure under the sheath.  It is possible to order a patch cord of any length.

Technical characteristics

Optical fiber type Single-mode Corning Ultra, G.657А1
Optical insertion attenuation, dB ≤ 0,3
Max, dB ≤ 0,5
Attenuation of reflection, dB UPC ≥50; APC ≥65
Tension force up to 60N
Connector type 1 SC/APC
Connector type 2 SC/APC
Cord type Simplex
Cable diameter, mm 2
Weight, g 18

Complete set

The cords are packaged in polyethylene packaging, one piece. Each cord comes with a label that indicates the optical parameters.

Download characterisrics of Station patch-cord in PDF