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Splitter РО-1х Х -PLC -SM/0,9 -1,0 м-SC/APC (-40+70 С)

Splitter РО-1х Х -PLC -SM/0,9 -1,0 м-SC/APC (-40+70 С)


Designed for optical signal distribution in passive optical networks (PON).

Used in floor boxes FDB-P-8 (16), fibre-closures МCО-P1, etc.

Manufactured according to planar technology (PLC), which allows the use of a continuous wavelength range of 1260-1650 nm and provides the best performance.

Design: mini-body with 0.9 mm pigtails.

Type of optical connectors: SC/APC.

Technical characteristics

Operating wavelength, nm 1260…..1650
Insertion losses (type/max.), dB 7,2/7,8
Channel divergency, dB 0,30
Polarization-dependent losses (max.), dB 0,3
Irregularity within the wavelength range, dB 1,0
Directivity, dB 55
Number of inputs (connector) 1 SC/APC
Number of outputs (connectors) Х SC/APC
Temperature, °С from -40 to +65
Overall dimensions of enclosure, mm 60х7х4
Weight, kg 0,07

Complete set

Splitter in the mini-enclosure 1
Passport 1