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Adapter SC/UPC SM flanged

Adapter SC/UPC SM flanged


The adapter is designed for connecting SC-type optical connectors with straight spherical (UPC) polishing of single-mode (SM) fiber.

The body frame made of blue plastic. The tips of optical connectors are joined using a precision centering sleeve made of zirconium ceramics. The connectors are secured with hidden latches. On the connecting parts of the adapter housing there are recesses for the key plugs of the connectors. The socket is attached to the adapter bar using a metal stopper. The socket body also has flanges with 2 mm diameter holes for mounting.

Technical characteristics

Body frame material Plastic
Centering sleeve material Ceramics
Storage temperature, °C -40 ... +80
Operation temperature, °C -20 ... +70
Dimensions, mm 15х9,4х27,4
Weight, g 4,8

Сomplete set

Adapter, pc 1
Protective plug, pc 2

Download characterisrics of Adapter SC/UPC SM flanged in PDFF