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Adapter FC/UPC SM type-D

Adapter FC/UPC SM type-D


The adapter is designed for connecting FC-type optical connectors with straight spherical (UPC) polishing of single-mode (SM) fiber.

The body frame made of Nickel-plated brass. The tips of optical connectors are joined using a centering sleeve made of zirconium ceramics. The connectors are fixed using a threaded connection. Mounting the socket on the adapter bar is carried out using a Grover washer and a nut. There is a chamfer on the threaded part of the adapter mounting diameter, forming the shape of the Latin letter d in the cross section.

Adapters are equipped with plastic caps to protect them from dust before installing connectors.

Technical characteristics

Body frame material Nickel-plated brass
Centering sleeve material Ceramics
Storage temperature,°C -40 ... +80
Operation temperature, °C -20 ... +70
Dimensions, mm 11х11х15
Weight, g 6,8

Соmplete set

Adapter body, pc 1
Nut, pc 1
Grower washer, pc 1
Protective cap, pc 2

Download characterisrics of Adapter FC/UPC SM type-D in PDF