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Optical closure MPO-S1

Optical closure MPO-S1


The MPO-S1 closure is designed for installation self-supported cables, flat type cables, Figure-8 type cables.

It is a small rectangular container, equipped with a hinged cover, with a sealing at the body frame and cover junction. The cover is fastened to the body frame with plastic clamps.Фиксация и герметизация крышки - при помощи двух пластиковых защелок на стальных пружинных петлях.

The cover is mounted and sealed with two plastic latches on spring steel hinges.

The optic splice closure has two round ports with fittings and one oval port. Cable entries are sealed mechanically, without using of additional materials and tools. Transit input of the fiber cable is also mechanically sealed with a special input kit. The cable is fastened over the sheath with plastic clamps and screws.

Technical characteristics


Max. number of splices


Number of entered FOC:

- round fitting

- oval



Max. number of trays


Sealing method of case


Sealing method of entered FOC


Operating temperature, ºС

- 60…+70

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