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Optical closure MCO-P1

Optical closure MCO-P1


The outdoor fiber dome closure MCO-P1/A is designed for installation of an overhead trunk cable with subscriber drops of self-supporting small sized drop cables. The feature of all MCO distribution boxes with the letter ‘A’ is a plate or sockets for installation of adapters inside it. This allows to use terminated subscriber drop cables and enables cross connect.

It is a small-sized sealed rectangular container. A detachable mounting insert is installed inside the container, two splice holders are placed on the backside and the jacks for installation of SC type adapters are located on the front side of the panel. A splitter holder is on the front part of the panel there is possible to install the splitters in mini-body fames with fibers of length 1 m with 900 μm buffer.

Technical characteristics


Number of ports


Type of adapters

At the request of the customer

Max. number of splices


Number of entered FOC:

- up to 9 mm / transit - oval

- up to 5 mm



Max. number of trays


Method of sealing the case and entered FOC


Sealing method


Operating temperature, ºС

- 60…+70

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