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Blowing equipment UltimaZ™-P2P is connected to any electrical drill and designed for pushing and blowing FTTx micro-cables D from 0.8 up to 4.0 mm in and out buildings or premises in preinstalled ducts OD from 3.0 up to 12.0 mm.

Small, very light, easy to transport, to prepare and to use, it requires no tools and equipped with a toolbox containing all the tools needed for maintenance and service.

The models with adjustable (V20) or fixed (F) pushing forces are equipped with a distance and speed counter for a better control of the installation.

Available in 5 different versions, they are modular to suit your requirements. The "Pusher" model is designed exclusively for pushing.

Technical characteristics

Parameter Value
Standard version UltimaZ™ P2P
Type V20 F5 F7  F15 Pusher
Cable diameter, mm* 0,8-4,0 0,8-1,4 1,4-1,8 1,6-2,8 Up to 4,0
Duct OD, mm 3,0-12,0 Up to 12
Drive unit Electrical drill
Pushing force (limited by magnetic clutch), N 0-20 5 7,5 15 -
Linear pressure on cable, N/cm 2-80 55 80
Max. speed, m/min 150  
Max. air pressure, bar 12
Dimension of apparatus, LхWхH (mm) 215х136х132 160х136х144  166х136х144 160х136х144
Dimension of apparatus with case, LхWхH (mm) 460х140х360
Weight of machine, kg  1,7 1,2 1,1
Total weight, kg 4,1 3,6 3,5
IP IP 55
Operation temperature -10°C / +40°C

* depends on the cable specification

 Standard equipment:

  1. Accessories;
  2. Setting knob;
  3. Variable transmissio;
  4. Counter VL (except Pusher);
  5. Set for air connectio (except Pusher);
  6. Round nut Ø 45 mm for set of splittable inserts;
  7. Operation and maintenance manual.

Recommended to purchase additionally *:

  1. Set of duct inserts;
  2. Set of cable inserts;
  3. Set of seals;
  4. Wheels.

*1 set of duct and cable inserts, seals with parameters previously agreed with the customer are included The remaining dimeters are recommended to be purchased additionally.


Lubricator L4

for continuous cable lubrication

Micro Jetting Lube

for improving blowing performance