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OKD-2D Drop, Flat type, Dielectric, Single Tube

OKD-2D Drop, Flat type, Dielectric, Single Tube

  1. PE outer sheath
  2. Dielectric strength element
  3. Buffer tube
  4. Hydrophobic gel
  5. Optical fiber


Optical cable type ОКD-2D is designed for aerial installation (with particularly high requirements for resistance to external electromagnetic influences) on supports of overhead communication lines, railway network, power lines with a maximum electric field potential of up to 12kV, between buildings.

Technical Characteristics

Parameter Value
Tensile strength, kN 0,8 1,4 2,4 3 4
Number of optical fibers Up to 4 Up to 8  Up to 8 Up to 16 Up to 24
Cable diameter, mm 2,0 х 4,4 2,4 х 5,6 3,0 х 7,6 3,2 х 8,4 3,6 х 9,5
Cable weight, kg/km 10,3 16,3 26,9 31,7 41,2
Crushing force, kN/sm
Operating temperature -50°С…+70°С
Installation temperature -30°С…+50°С
Transportation and storage temperature -50°С…+70°С
Minimum bending radius Not less than 15 cable diameters
Factory length, km 2

Technical characteristics of optical fiber

Type of optical fiber Corning SMF 28 Ultra Corning SMF28e+BB
ITU-T recommendations G.657A1 G.652D G.657A1 G.652D
Deviation from the concentricity of the core, microns, not more  0,5
Diameter of fiber sheath, microns 125±0,7
Deviation from the roundness of the sheath, %, not more 0,7
The diameter of the protective covering, microns 242±5
Maximum attenuation at wavelength 1310 nm 0,32 0,34
Maximum attenuation at wavelength 1550 nm 0,18 0,20

Full name example

Optical cable ОКD-2D-08 G.657 А1 4kN

The optical cable consists of central optical module with fibers of G.657 A1 Standard, the maximum tensile strength is 4kN.

Download the OKD-2D cable specification in PDF

Download the OKD-2D cable certificates and declarations in PDF