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OPGW-Ts-A Optical Ground Wearer, Aluminum Plated, Single Tube

OPGW-Ts-A Optical Ground Wearer, Aluminum Plated, Single Tube

  1. Aluminum plated steel wire
  2. Aluminum sheath
  3. Steel optical loose tube
  4. Hydrophobic gel
  5. Optical fiber


The corrosion-resistant optical power ground wearer is designed to perform fiber optic lines for overhead power lines of 35 kV and above.

Technical characteristics

Parameter Value
Number of optical fibers Up to 48
Typical designs OPGW-C-А-48
-10,9mm -
28 kA2∙s – 67kN
-12,1mm -
46 kA2∙s – 87kN
-14,0mm –
96 kA2∙s – 109kN
Cable diameter, mm 10,9 12,1 14,0
Cable weight, kg/km 404 516 668
Rated breaking strength (RBS), kN 67,9 87 109,5
Maximum rated design tension (MRDT), kN 32,8 43,7 52,8
SEN, kN 20,4 26 32,9
Sectional area of steel elements, mm2 53,6 70,5 85,0
Whole steel section, mm2 67,7 84,6 119,6
Elasticity modulus (final), kN/mm2 92,5 98,6 84,4
Elasticity modulus (initial, mounting), kN/mm2 105,0 112,0 95,8
Elasticity modulus (exhaust), kN / mm2 132,9 137,9 126,5
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion, 10-6 1/K 13,6 13,4 14,0
DC resistance at 200С, Om/km 0,967 0,813 0,498
Thermal withstand (beginning t=250С, final t=2000C), kA2∙s   28,5 45,6 96,3
S/c current for 1 sec, kA 5,3 6,8 9,8
Crushing force, kN/sm 1,0
Operating temperature -60°С…+85°С
Installation temperature -30°С…+50°С
Transportation and storage temperature -60°С…+70°С
Minimum bending radius Not less than 20 cable diameters
Factory length, km 4

Technical characteristics of optical fiber

Type of optical fiber Corning SMF 28 Ultra Corning SMF28e+BB
ITU-T recommendations G.657A1 G.652D G.657A1 G.652D
Deviation from the concentricity of the core, microns, not more  0,5
Diameter of fiber sheath, microns 125±0,7
Deviation from the roundness of the sheath, %, not more 0,7
The diameter of the protective covering, microns 242±5
Maximum attenuation at wavelength 1310 nm 0,32 0,34
Maximum attenuation at wavelength 15540 nm 0,18 0,20

Full name example

OPGW-Ts-А-48-10,9mm 28 kA2∙s-67kN

Cable consist of the aluminum plated central steel loose tube with freely laid fibers. The optical fibers in the loose tube are bundled. Each bundle of fibers has a winding colored synthetic thread. The free space is filled with a hydrophobic gel in the optical loose tube. One lay of reinforcing wires is spirally laid on top.

Download the OPGW-Ts-A cable specification in PDF

Download the OPGW-Ts-A cable certificates and declarations in PDF