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OBV Raiser, Dialectic Rods, Buffer

OBV Raiser, Dialectic Rods, Buffer

  1. Cutter marks
  2. Fiberglass rods
  3. Sheath
  4. Buffer
  5. Optical fiber


Distribution cable for indoor installation with direct access to fibers.

Technical characteristics

Parameter Value
Number of optical fibers Up to 4 Up to 12 Up to 24 Up to 36 Up to 48
Tensile strength, kN 400
Cable diameter, mm 6,5 8,5 10,5 14,5 14,5
Cable weight, kg/km 41,5 63,8 90,1 156,5 168,6
Bending radius, mm 65 85 105 145 145
Crushing force, kN/sm 80
Operating temperature -30°С…+50°С
Installation temperature -10°С…+50°С
Transportation and storage temperature -50°С…+50°С
Minimum bending radius Not less than 10 cable diameters
Factory length, km 4

Technical characteristics of optical fiber

Type of optical fiber Corning SMF 28 Ultra Corning SMF28e+BB
ITU-T recommendations G.657A1 G.652D G.657A1 G.652D
Deviation from the concentricity of the core, microns, not more  0,5
Diameter of fiber sheath, microns 125±0,7
Deviation from the roundness of the sheath, %, not more 0,7
The diameter of the protective covering, microns 242±5
Maximum attenuation at wavelength 1310 nm 0,32 0,34
Maximum attenuation at wavelength 1550 nm 0,18 0,20

Full name example

Optical cable OBV-ng(А)-HF-24Y (3x8) 400N

The cable consists of bundle of optical fibers in a buffer. The cable sheath is flame retardant, with low smoke and gas emission, does not emit corrosive and gaseous products during combustion and decay, with low toxicity of combustion gases. In the cable sheath, two fiberglass rods are diametrically laid, which prevent axial torsion of the cable and perform the functions of strength elements.

Download the OBV cable specification in PDF

Download the OBV cable certificates and declarations in PDF